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Berea College Scholarships 2023 – 2024 for International Students | Fully Funded

Berea College Scholarships | www.berea.edu
Berea College Scholarships

The Berea College Scholarship is now available. Study there in the USA. We will go into great detail regarding this scholarship in this article, along with its advantages and step-by-step instructions for applying. A fully financed undergraduate grant for international students is the Berea College Scholarship 2023–2024. For the first year of enrolment, the scholarship offers full assistance to all enrolled international students.

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International students from all around the world who wish to pursue undergraduate studies at Berea College USA for the academic year 2022 are eligible for the Berea College Scholarship. For the first year of attendance, the Berea College Scholarship will finance 100% of all enrolled overseas students. The cost of tuition, lodging, board, and fees is offset by the combination of financial aid and scholarships.

Berea College, one of the greatest American universities, has an open application period for international applicants who wish to pursue a career in education at the school for the upcoming academic year. Berea College offers 100% fully financed scholarships to overseas students.

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Berea College Scholarship Coverage

Scholarship for Berea College will offer:

  • For the first year of enrollment, Berea College is the only institution in the United States to offer full funding to all enrolled international students.
  • The cost of tuition, lodging, board, and fees is offset by the combination of financial aid and scholarships.
  • International students are expected to save $1,000 (US) per year for their costs in the following years.
  • International students are given summer jobs by the college so they can fulfill this requirement.
  • International applicants who are accepted are required to make a $2,200 (US) deposit and pay a $50 (US) admission fee to secure their participation.
  • International students may use this deposit for certain costs during their four years of education.
  • Additional financial aid is offered to students who are unable to pay the full or a portion of the deposit.
  • Through the College’s Work Program, every international student is given access to a paid on-campus work for the duration of the academic year. The first year’s pay, or around US $2,000, can be used by students to pay for personal needs.

Eligibility Criteria for Berea College Scholarship

To qualify for Berea College Scholarship, candidate must fulfill all of the following requirements below:

  • Required Language: English.
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries.
  • International Application for Admission and Scholarship form.
  • International Personal Essay and Essay Cover Sheet.
  • Official scores from at least one of the following exams: TOEFL, IELTS, ACT or SAT. You should register and take the test early in order include a copy of your scores in your packet and to meet the deadline.
  • Official secondary school records.
  • Personal Statement of Financial Circumstances.
  • International Financial Questionnaire (IFQ).
  • International Financial Recommendation Form.
  • Two (2) Admission Recommendation forms, at least one of which should be written by a current or former teacher.

How to Apply for Berea College Scholarship

Follow the steps below to successfully apply for the Berea College Scholarship:

Step 1: Complete Required Profile Sections

Step 2: Choose Application Term: Berea is currently accepting applications for Fall 2023 enrollment

Step 3: Academic Recommendations

There are 2 options for submitting academic recommendations.

Option 1: Provide email addresses for two recommenders in this section.

Option 2: Upload your academic recommendations in Step 7.

Step 4: Upload Essay

Step 5: Upload Test Scores

Step 6: Upload Required Documents

Step 7: Upload Optional Documents: If you did not provide email addresses for academic recommenders, you must upload your academic recommendations in this section. You may upload 5 additional documents. These include letters of recommendation, resume, etc.

When all sections except payment have a check mark, select “Submit Application”. Once you have done so, you will not be able to make any changes to your application.

Pro Tip: Submit your application in order to avoid missing any requirements

Step 8: Submit your Application

Mail the application form and send it alongside the rest of the requirements to Berea College Office of Admissions209 Chestnut Street, Berea, KY 40403 USA.

There is no fee waiver code needed. Select the “Next: Billing and Payment” option and your application will be submitted.

To gain more information – Visit the Official Webpage of Berea College Scholarship


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