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Blood Genotype (AA, AS, AC, SS) | Types | Compatibility | Cure for Sickle Cell Disease.

Blood Genotype | Types of Genotype (AA, AS, AC, SS) & Couples/Partner Compatibility | Cure for Sickle Cell Disease – You will discover the various types of genotype, compatible and incompatible genotypes, treatments for incompatible genotypes, and a cure for the sickle cell trait in this article. Details are provided below.
Blood Genotype

Blood Genotype

A person’s genotype, or the two alleles they received for a given gene, is referred to as their genotype. When the information contained in the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) of the genes is utilized to create protein and RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) molecules, the genotype is expressed. Phenotype, or an individual’s physical/observable features like height, eye color, and blood type, differs from genotype. Before getting hitched or having children with the charming man or lovely woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, it is a good idea to understand your genotype (relationship that will lead to conception).

The sickle cell disease, a recessive ailment with high incidence rates in Sahara area of southern Africa, is the source of the pair compatibility issue.

Types of Genotype ( AA, AS, AC, SS )

Humans have four different genotype types: AA, AS, AC, and SS. These genotypes each pertain to the components of the red blood cell’s hemoglobin gene. While AS and AC are atypical, AC is rare.

AA Genotype

A homozygous dominant person with a normal phenotype and no chance of producing offspring with aberrant traits.

AS Genotype

A homozygous recessive person with an aberrant phenotype who is certain to convey the abnormal gene to their progeny is referred to as AS.

AC Genotype

A person with the C trait, or AC, has insufficient hemoglobin C in his red blood cells, which results in anemia.

SS Genotype

A person with hemoglobin SS has the most prevalent and severe form of sickle cell disease. The hemoglobin S gene mutation is inherited by an offspring from both parents.

Genotype Compatibility Chart

The genotypes of couples that want to establish a connection that will result in conception are displayed in the table below.

Look over and carefully analyze the Genotype Compatibility Table below:

1AA + AAAA, AA, AA, AAExcellent
2AA + ASAA, AS, AA, ASGood
3AA + SSAS, AS, AS, ASFair
4AA + ACAA, AA, AA, ACGood
5AS + ASAA, AS, AS, SSVery Bad
6AS + SSAS, SS, SS, SSVery Bad
7AS + ACAA, AC, AS, SSBad; Needs Advice
8SS + SSSS, SS, SS, SSVery Bad
8AC + SSAS, AS, SS, SSVery Bad
9AC + ACAA, AC, AC, SSBad; Needs Advice


The genotype compatibility summary is as follows;

When an AA person marries another AA, the genotypes are most compatible. Thus, genotype compatibility won’t be a problem for coming generations.

When an AA person marries an AS person, they have children that are both AA and AS, which is beneficial. However, if you’re unlucky, sometimes all the children will be AS, which restricts your options for partners.

When an AS person marries another AS, there is a 99% likelihood that the child will have SS, which results in sickle cell disease. Individuals with AS and SS should avoid starting a relationship that will result in a child.

There is a 100% likelihood that every child will be born with sickle cell disease if SS and SS individuals are married.

Genotype Compatibility Solution – Cure for Sickle Cell Disease

There is a treatment/cure for the sickle cell condition. The bone marrow transplant (BMT) is the only proven treatment that can alter genetics. The only treatment for SS, SC, and CC is this. It is the only effective long-term/permanent treatment.

Although it is a very expensive form of treatment, it can be carried out in a reputable hospital using cutting-edge technology. Although it is hazardous, it is worthwhile.

The best thing you should do now, is to visit the nearest medical laboratory and check your genotype, so as to help you make the right choice of a partner.

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