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Easy Ways to Fix Your Gaming PC | How to Fix it Easily

Easy Ways to Fix Your Gaming PC | Own an Hitch free Gaming PC

Dealing with a PC that doesn’t function correctly is never enjoyable. Computers require some maintenance so that they may continue to function properly and do not suddenly stop working on you.

Fortunately, many of the issues you could encounter when using a PC can be solved or at the very least identified. The most common PC faults and how to fix them are listed below, along with links to other resources. Once the issues have been effectively resolved, you can resume playing your favorite games without encountering any more issues.

Easy Ways to Fix Your Gaming PC

Planning to Own a Gaming PC?

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How to Fix Gaming PC Common Problems and Issues

Due to the high impact of a specific game on the procesor of a PC, it might tern to develop issues like black screen, shutting down/Restarting issue, overheating and more. In this article, we will guide you on how you can fix those common issues. Read further to see how you can fix them.

1. PC Restarting/Shutting Down Unexpectedly

The first thing you may do is open the computer so that all the fans, including the fans on your graphics card and CPU heat sink, are visible. Make sure all the fans are spinning when you turn on your computer.

If you discover a significant accumulation of dust inside the fans, you can remove it by using a can of compressed air. Most current computers reset or shut down automatically when they detect unusually high temperatures in order to prevent damaging the component that is overheating. Make sure there aren’t too many cables or other obstructions that could restrict the airflow of the fans. A fan that is broken, not spinning, or otherwise damaged would need to be replaced.

2. Background Noise

More and more programs making decisions to run in the background can be blamed for the slow output that gets worse with time. Open Task Manager to check what is actually consuming RAM and CPU time on your computer (right-click on the taskbar). Run a quick Google search to find out more about any of the entries under Processes and Resources if they don’t make much sense.

3. Black Screen

The likelihood is high that your computer’s power supply unit is the source of the issue if you push the power button and it displays a black screen (also known as a PSU). Make sure the power cord is securely connected to the outlet and your device.

Other quick checks to make include ensuring sure the outlet you plug into has power, that the power switch on the PSU (if it has one), is turned to the “On” position, and that the power cord itself is in good condition. If you do all of those things and your PC still won’t switch on, the power supply unit itself may be the problem. You might think about changing the PSU.

4. Overheating

Your computer is probably overheating if you have sudden crashes of your PC that don’t appear to be related to a software or hardware issue. Invest in another fan if you believe that this might be the issue.

5. Scanning

Scanning – From sluggish performance to random reboots, viruses and spyware cause a wide range of problems. Keeping the anti-virus and anti-spyware software up to date should go without saying.

6. Safe Mode

F8 during boot-up to access the boot menu. Choose Safe Mode. Safe Mode can be used to uninstall software and run patches if you are unable to access Windows normally.

7. System Restore

Without impacting your personal data or vacation photos, Windows’ built-in roll-back feature will reverse recent modifications to the registry, hardware, and software setup of your machine.

If something recently went wrong, here is a smart place to start. The Control Panel contains System Restore.

8. Reinstall Windows

You can restore your computer or laptop to the condition it was in when it left the factory by using the hard drive recovery disks or recovery partition that are included with many PCs and laptops. Of course, it goes without saying that you’re going to have to install your program again and lose all your personal data, so you’re going to need backups of your important information and files.

Other Issues You Might Face When Playing PC Games

1. Game Freezes or Hangs

If required, decrease the graphics to a lower setting to make the game less resource-demanding. To stop your RAM and processor from being used, close any other open programs on your computer. To give your game room to breathe, make sure you have enough free disk space.

If these adjustments do not stop the freezing, you can verify your current PC hardware to make sure it complies with the needs of the game you are playing. Most likely, upgrading your system will be beneficial.

2. In-game Lag

Lag is more of an issue when using an inconsistent internet connection. The quality of your internet connection will have an impact on how much lag you experience. As a result, whenever you suffer lag, you should be sure to stop all bandwidth-demanding network processes. It is advised to halt all video streams and downloads if you encounter lag.

3. Visual Glitches

The video card is the component responsible for processing and transmitting visuals to your screen. These issues are typically GPU-related. Make sure the drivers for your graphics card are up to date.

You’ve seen in this post the most typical PC gaming issues you’ll run across, their root causes, and solutions. It’s always a good idea for your gaming pc to operate at its peak performance even if you don’t have any of the aforementioned issues.


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