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Farm Bureau Auto Insurance Review | Quotes | Benefits & Discount

Farm Bureau Auto Insurance Review | Farm Bureau Auto insurance rates | Farm Bureau Auto insurance coverage | Farm Bureau Auto insurance cost | See more below.
Farm Bureau Auto Insurance Review

Farm Bureau is a desirable alternative for members due to its affordable vehicle insurance prices, average house insurance rates, and top-notch customer service. Although joining Farm Bureau carries an annual membership fee, the potential savings vs other insurance providers often outweigh this expense.

Some of the most affordable quotes for auto insurance are provided by Farm Bureau. Farm Bureau is a worthwhile alternative for any customer to consider due to its affordable rates and positive customer service reviews.

Farm Bureau Car Insurance

Though Geico was an exception, not many big carriers can match Farm Bureau’s vehicle insurance pricing. Farm Bureau members, however, can benefit from additional benefits including discounts for travel, entertainment, and prescription drugs in addition to its reasonably priced auto insurance policy.

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Farm Bureau Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Farm Bureau add-on coverage options are separately priced, so your ability to save will depend on your eligibility and coverage preferences. Depending on your driver profile and region, rates for both add-ons and base coverage options can differ significantly. Extra coverages consist of:

  • Replacement-cost coverage: Reimburses you for the cost to replace vehicle models up to four or five years old, depending on the state.
  • Roadside-assistance coverage: Offers emergency roadside assistance, including towing and pick-up services following an accident or vehicle malfunction.

Farm Bureau Auto Special Offerings: Driveology

Policyholders should consider enrolling in Farm Bureau’s Driveology program if they can demonstrate consistent safe driving behavior. Drivers install a small device in their vehicle’s OBD-II port. If the data gathered from the device indicates good driving behavior, drivers may save up to 30% on their car insurance premiums.

Other coverage considerations: Farm Bureau mutual dividend policies

Local Farm Bureau chapters that are mutual insurance businesses have policyholder ownership. Policyholders may occasionally get dividends. Policyholders are free to use the money however they see fit; they are not required to use them as auto insurance rebates. Dividends are not assured because they depend on the insurer’s profitability. Subsidiaries of Farm Bureau will assess their annual results to decide whether to pay dividends in any given year.

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Farm Bureau Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison

Farm Bureau provided competitive, and occasionally the most affordable, auto insurance prices across the three driver types we looked at. According to our sample driver profiles, Geico is the only insurer with premiums that are comparable to those of Farm Bureau. Notably, Farm Bureau was the only insurer whose annual rate was unaffected by a person’s marital status or gender.

Car Insurance Discounts Offered By Farm Bureau

When compared to other insurers, Farm Bureau doesn’t offer any particularly distinctive discounts, but it does provide several of the common or well-known discounts. In fact, one of Farm Bureau’s primary selling advantages to clients is that its rates are often already discounted for members.

The Driveology program, which can help safe drivers save money, is available through Farm Bureau. Drivers may save up to 30% on their premiums after installing a tiny gadget that tracks their driving habits. Additionally, customers can benefit from more savings by enrolling in Farm Bureau’s SafeRide Rewards program.

The SuperCheck program, which is another service provided by Farm Bureau, has an agent evaluate your policy once a year to make sure you’re receiving all applicable discounts, a list of possible Farm Bureau auto follows.

DiscountHow do you receive it?
Affinity groupJoin a qualifying organization or university alumni group.
Anti-theftInstall an approved anti-theft device in your car.
Claim-freeDrive for a length of time without submitting a claim (eligibility requirements vary by state).
DriveologyDemonstrate safe driving behavior with a device installed in your car.
Continued in force creditFarm Bureau members who renew their Farm Bureau’s Member’s Choice policies receive a loyalty credit.
Good studentStudents on the policy must maintain a B average in the classroom.
Member’s choice (multiline)Bundle your auto and home insurance with Farm Bureau.
MulticarAdding multiple cars to your Farm Bureau policy could reduce the cost of insurance for each individual vehicle.
Low-mileageDrive no more than 7,500 miles annually.
Smart payVaries by payment history, plan and method.
Safe young driver trainingComplete Farm Bureau’s young-driver safety program (limited to drivers under 25 years old).

Availability and eligibility of discounts differ by state. Your local Farm Bureau chapter might not offer all deals.

It’s also important to note that Farm Bureau membership comes with a number of additional benefits for customers that are unrelated to auto insurance.

You could spend less on:

  • Agricultural equipment.
  • Vacations, including hotel stays and rental cars.
  • Prescriptions.
  • Entertainment venues.


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