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Farmers Insurance Review

Farmers is a respectable insurance provider with a lot of policy customization choices and favorable client feedback. The price for its exceptional customer service is that it costs more than typical for homes insurance—about 14% more.

You’ll probably discover lower prices with another provider if you’re seeking for the insurer with the cheapest rates. Farmers is a fantastic choice, but, if you’re ready to pay more to customize your coverage and have a positive claim experience.

Farmers Home Insurance Takeaway

For house insurance policies, Farmers combines a wide range of coverage options with excellent customer service. Farmers will be difficult to match unless you’re looking for the cheapest home insurance rates. One of our top suggested home insurance companies is the one with the company’s strong national reputation and welcoming representatives.

Customer service is Farmers’ main suit, so you can expect a quick claim process and a positive call if you need assistance.

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How much is Farmers Home Insurance? Quote Comparison

For a variety of house insurance policy limits, Farmers offers rates that are above average. Farmers provided an annual premium that was $107 more than the average of the insurers in our analysis for a house insurance policy with a $250,000 limit.

Insurer$150,000 policy$250,000 policy$350,000 policy
State Farm$598$857$1,105

Farmers Home Insurance Coverage Options and Discounts

Farmers offers three different categories of its popular Smart Plan homeowners insurance policies: Standard, Enhanced, and Premier. Each tier comes with various coverages and restrictions that policyholders can modify to match their unique needs.

StandardThe most basic package, a Standard policy includes basic coverages such dwelling, separate structures, home contents, loss of use and liability coverage.
EnhancedThe Enhanced package increases policy limits and adds other features, including coverage that pays for the cost of replacing your roof or the contents of your home without depreciation.
PremierThe maximum policy limitations are included in the Premier package. Guaranteed Replacement Coverage, which pays 100% of the cost of rebuilding regardless of your policy limits, is another option available to policyholders.

Farmers offers a few special endorsements, like Identity Shield, Eco-Rebuild, contents replacement cost, and coverage for plants and shrubs. Identity Shield: If you become a victim of identity theft, this endorsement will pay $28,500 in costs, including legal fees, and $1,500 in indemnification. The Farmers’ coverage covers credit monitoring for two people, annual identity reports, and advisory services should you become a victim of identity theft, even if other insurance companies offer identity theft endorsements.

With the Eco-Rebuild endorsement, in the case of a covered loss, you are given up to $25,000 to rebuild, repair, or replace using environmentally friendly materials. We think this is a fantastic endorsement because it enables policyholders to be eligible for benefits, such the home safety discount, which might perhaps outweigh the cost of the endorsement in the long run.

Contents replacement cost: In the case of a covered loss, the endorsement for contents replacement cost will pay the full replacement cost of your possessions. Based on the price of a new item with comparable features, the replacement cost is calculated.

The depreciated value of an item is normally covered by standard house insurance plans, which means that you will be reimbursed by your insurer for a lesser amount than what you originally paid for the item. The Guaranteed Repair Program offered by Farmers Home Insurance is an additional perk. A five-year warranty will be provided to policyholders who choose one of the contractors in Farmers’ network for their insured home repairs.

Farmers Home Insurance Discounts

Farmers offers a number of savings for homes insurance, but whether they are available depends depend on your policy and where you live, among other things. Although none of the discounts listed here are particularly distinctive, they are all enticing due to their minimal qualification requirements. For instance, the 14-year eligibility period for the new house discount is forgiving to policyholders.

DiscountHow do you receive it?
Affinity discountBelong to a group that has partnered with Farmers Insurance, such as an occupational group or professional association.
Bundle discountsBundle another Farmers Insurance policy with a Farmers homeowners policy.
ePolicyEnroll in ePolicy, Farmers’ paperless, electronic document delivery service.
UL Approved Roofing MaterialsReceive this discount if your roof is constructed from asphalt or fiberglass materials deemed impact-resistant by Underwriters Laboratories.
New homeQualify for this discount if you’re insuring a home that was constructed less than 14 years ago.
Protective devices*Qualify if your home has a fire alarm, security system and/or indoor fire sprinkler system.
Home safety*Own a home with windows, walls, a roof or a foundation fortified against natural disasters and that has automatic gas or water shutoffs.
Green certifications*Qualify for this discount if your home is certified by Energy Star, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
Claim freeStay claim-free for three years. Automatically included on all policies.
Claim forgivenessStay claim-free for five years and your premium will not go up after you make your first claim. Automatically included in all policies.
Declining deductibleReceive $50 toward your deductible for every year you maintain a policy with Farmers. Automatically included in all policies.
Connected home*Have a smart home system that allows you to remotely monitor and control your home.
Rent to ownSwitch your Farmers renters policy for a homeowners insurance policy after you buy a home.
Preferred payment or EFTPay in full, in two installments, or sign up for a monthly payment plan with an automatic electronic fund transfer.
Good payerPay your bills on time.

Farmers also provides a few discounts that are only available to citizens of certain states, such as:

  • California Earthquake Discount: California homeowners who have both a California earthquake insurance policy and a Farmers Insurance policy on their house receive a discount.
  • Retirement community: Available to Arizona policyholders who live within specific retirement communities.
  • HOA gated community: Available to Nevada residents who live within specific gated communities.
  • Fortified home: Available to Alabama policyholders whose houses have added protection from natural disasters.


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