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How to Know if a USB – C Cable can Charge Fast

How to Know if a USB – C Cable can Charge Fast | In general, you ought to use the phone’s included cord. Stick with cables designed for your specific phone if one was not available. Apps that measure voltage can be used to check whether fast charging is functioning.
How to Know if a USB - C Cable can Charge Fast

Fast charging is a relatively new feature that is now widely used in smartphones. In less than an hour, some devices can be charged from 0 to 100 percent. It’s quite fantastic, but not just any USB-C cable will work with it.

A normal USB port provides the connected device with about 2.5W of electricity. Fast charging increases this to a low of 15W while some reach as high as 100W. Make sure you have appropriate accessories if you wish to benefit from these quicker charging speeds.

Standard AC adapter | Not Just the Cable

First, it’s important to note that the USB-C connection is just one component of the rapid charging system. The AC adaptor, commonly known as the “charging brick,” must support fast charging. Your device won’t charge any faster with a fast-charging compatible cable than it would with a regular AC adapter.

If one of the several fast-charging protocols is supported by your phone, it likely comes with an AC adapter and cable to support it. If not, you can select accessories that are compatible with the fast charging standard that your device supports. For a variety of options, see our guide to the best phone chargers.

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Is the cable I’m using a fast charging Cable?

There are a few things you may do to see if the wires you currently have support rapid charging. You should start by looking at your phone’s packing or searching online to see what is listed as being included in the box.

The specifications of the fast-charging USB-C cable that comes with your phone should be mentioned on the box or online. Occasionally, it will just state, “Fast Charging.”

“Adaptive Fast Charging,” “Quick Charge,” and “USB PD” or “USB Power Delivery” are other terms to search for.  The cable’s thickness is another simple item to check. Regular cords are typically thinner than fast-charging cables, although this isn’t always a bad thing.

You can check the cable’s ability to enable rapid charging using your phone if you are aware that the AC adapter does. An app named Ampere is available for iPhone and Android that displays a voltage reading in real time. Try to find 5V, 9V, or 12V or greater. Additionally, “Fast Charging” may appear on the lock screen of some Android devices (shown below).

How to Know if a USB - C Cable can Charge Fast

Sadly, the majority of USB-C cables lack labels for rapid charging on the cable itself.

However, you might come across one with the initials “QC”—Quick Charge—or a lightning bolt graphic. Always use USB-C cables and adapters designed expressly for your phone as a general rule of thumb.

That will usually guarantee that you receive the best speeds. Be cautious when using USB-C cables because not all of them are created equal. For buying tips, check out our article on the top USB-C cables.


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