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Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Review, Quotes, Plans & Cost

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Review, Quotes, Plans & Cost | www.healthy.kaiserpermanente.org
Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Review

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance

For both its Medicare and individual insurance plans, Kaiser Permanente has regularly received high marks, frequently placing far ahead of any rivals. Its business structure is distinctive in that health care and insurance are divisions of the same organization. These policies don’t work well for people who want flexibility in their choice of healthcare providers, but they are wonderful for people who seek a seamless experience between health insurance and medical care.

Location of Kaiser Permanente

Eight states and the District of Columbia have health insurance plans offered by Kaiser Permanente. The West Coast, the Mid-Atlantic region, and other locations are included in this. If Kaiser Health News isn’t offered in your state, think about one of our other top-rated health insurance providers.

There may not be many states where Kaiser Permanente is active. Due to its substantial market presence in such sectors, it is still regarded as a major insurance provider. Kaiser is one of the top three individual health insurance carriers in each state or region where it does business, according to enrollment data.

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Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Plan Options

In addition to individual, family, Medicare, Medicaid, and group health insurance policies, Kaiser Permanente also provides other varieties of health insurance.

HMO (health management organization) plans, which exclusively cover in-network treatment and typically have lower monthly expenses, make up the majority of Kaiser insurance plans. Your access to Kaiser’s 700 physician offices and 39 hospitals is so restricted. Additionally, you must decide on a primary care physician who will be able to refer you to specialists as necessary.

The fact that this convergence between insurance and healthcare restricts your access to specialists who are not associated with Kaiser is a major worry for people with continuing medical conditions. Remember that Kaiser might choose providers that are comparable.

Frequent travelers may also experience issues due to the network’s limitations. Only emergency room and urgent care services are covered at non-Kaiser facilities when you are away from home. When you are traveling to another Kaiser service area or beyond the service region, the business also offers a specialized travel line to assist you with your circumstances, coverage, or preapproval.

Kaiser Permanente Individual and Family Plans

Kaiser health insurance policies are available from the insurance provider or through the Health Insurance Marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act (commonly known as “Obamacare”). You do, however, have access to health insurance tax credits if you purchase insurance through the marketplace, which can lower the cost of your insurance.

The plans offered by Kaiser Permanente include both legally necessary standard coverages, such as free access to screenings and preventative care, as well as financial safeguards like an out-of-pocket maximum. The metal tiers of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are used to categorize plans. The three insurance classifications below are also used to categorize Kaiser’s plans, giving you the option of selecting a Bronze Deductible plan, a Gold Copayment plan, or another combination.

Kaiser Permanente Employer and Group Insurance

Kaiser may provide more plan alternatives for group insurance than what is offered to individual buyers. For instance, preferred provider organization (PPO) plans, which offer greater medical coverage outside of Kaiser’s facilities and physicians, are offered in some cities.

As opposed to Kaiser’s HMO plans, these PPO plans might not be as well-rated. For instance, due to its low customer satisfaction, we do not advise Washington State’s Kaiser Options PPO plan.

Kaiser Permanente Coverage, Member Resources and Unique Features

Kaiser Permanente’s health coverage stands out in two ways:

  • Its integration of health insurance with health care makes it easier for you to track costs and manage claims.
  • The strong preventive care program includes access to screenings, health resources, lifestyle programs and health classes.

Cost of Kaiser Insurance

The monthly cost of Kaiser insurance ranges from about $300 to nearly $1,000 per month based on factors such as the coverage level you choose and your age.

Average monthly cost of Kaiser Permanente insurance

TierAge 21Age 40Age 60

Remember that these basic rates apply to people who purchase health insurance at the full cost. Based on your income and family size, you may be eligible for health insurance discounts under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which can help lower your monthly insurance costs. When compared to other big insurance providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser health insurance is typically less expensive.

InsurerMonthly cost
Kaiser Permanente$474
Bright Health$509
Anthem Blue Cross$517
Blue California$555

Location also affects how much Kaiser health insurance costs. States are priced separately, however the West Coast has certain regional tendencies. Plans in California, Washington, and Oregon are all similarly priced, with Oregon having the lowest prices. Costs vary more between the adjacent states of Virginia and Maryland on the East Coast.

In Virginia, a 40-year-old might have to pay 41% more per month for Kaiser insurance than they would in Maryland. This discrepancy is partially brought on by general pricing trends in the two states.

Where is Kaiser Permanente the Cheapest?

With a Silver plan costing an average of $335 per month, Kaiser Permanente health insurance has the lowest average costs in Maryland.

InsurerMonthly cost
Washington, D.C.$400

Kaiser Permanente Review | What are the reviews of Kaiser Permanente’s doctors and medical care?

According to the state report card, Kaiser Permanente in California achieved an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 for the standard of its medical care. This is substantially better than the 3.1-star average health insurance plan rating for the state.

The whole patient experience was only given 2.5 stars to Kaiser. Although this is a modest number, it is in line with the average for all insurers in the state, showing that patients frequently are not happy with their care, irrespective of the insurer.

It should be noted that some policyholders have complained that it is difficult to receive mental health care at certain Kaiser facilities, which the business attributes to a lack of staff.

Frequently asked questions About Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance

Is Kaiser a good Insurance Company?

Yes, Kaiser Permanente receives high marks for customer happiness, preventive care, and overall plan experience, making it a reputable provider of health insurance.

Does Kaiser have HMO Plans or PPO Plans?

The majority of Kaiser health insurance plans are HMOs, so while your monthly expenses will often be lower, your access to doctors and facilities outside of the network will be prohibited. There could be some PPO plans, but they are typically not as well-regarded as Kaiser’s HMO plans.

How much is Kaiser Insurance per month?

Your state of residence will have a significant impact on how much insurance from Kaiser Permanente typically costs per month. In Maryland, for instance, the cost of Kaiser health insurance ranges from $335 to $474 in California. Health insurance subsidies may lower the price you pay if you buy insurance through the marketplace.

Does Kaiser Offer “Obamacare” Insurance Plans?

Yes, through the “Obamacare” Health Insurance Marketplace, you can get Kaiser Permanente insurance. Kaiser plans are exclusively accessible to residents of the states where the corporation conducts business; they are not offered nationwide.

Can I Add Dental to my Kaiser health Insurance?

Yes, during open enrollment you can add dental insurance to your Kaiser medical insurance. You can enroll directly through Kaiser Permanente or by selecting a dental plan from the marketplace, depending on your region and circumstances.


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