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Nationwide Home Insurance Review | Discount | Benefits

Nationwide Home Insurance Review | Nationwide Home Insurance Rates | Nationwide Home Insurance Coverage | Nationwide Home Insurance Cost | See more details below.
Nationwide Home Insurance Review

For those who can afford it, Nationwide insurance is a good choice. The company often charges higher than normal premiums for Home insurance. Home insurance costs are somewhat higher than average.

One of the top ten largest insurance providers in the United States is Nationwide. Though its motorbike coverage are less expensive than those of its rivals, Nationwide’s vehicle insurance prices often cost more than the national average. Homeowners insurance premiums are a little more than usual. In terms of user satisfaction and consumer reviews, Nationwide also performs highly.

For a full coverage auto insurance policy, Nationwide charges an average annual cost of $1,555, which is more expensive than the rates offered by two of the three other major insurers we looked at. The provider offers a wide range of discounts and coverage options for auto insurance, including one for purchasing multiple plans.

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Nationwide Home Insurance Quote Comparison

The cost of homeowners insurance from Nationwide is a little more than usual. The cheapest insurer, Allstate, charges an average of $256 less a year for all dwelling coverage limitations taken into account, despite rates being only 7% over average.

Home Insurance Quotes By Dwelling Coverage Amount

State Farm$675$920$1,122

Gathering at least three quotations and comparing costs is the best approach to guarantee you get the lowest rates because insurance rates can vary significantly by region and kind of property.

Nationwide Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Numerous options are offered by Nationwide to clients for reducing the cost of their house insurance. Discounts consist of:

  • Multipolicy discount
  • Protective device discount for installing smoke detectors, fire alarms or burglar alarms
  • Claims-free discount
  • Home renovation credit after upgrading heating, cooling, plumbing or electrical systems
  • Roof rating discount based on the building material and age of your roof
  • Home purchase discount if you purchased your home within the last 12 months
  • Prior insurance based on the number of years you were insured with your previous carrier
  • Gated community discount if vehicle entrances to your community are protected by key-lock devices, residence cards or security guards

Nationwide Home Insurance Coverage

Nationwide provides all the fundamental homeowner insurance coverages, including personal liability, medical payments, and housing coverages, that you would anticipate from an insurer.

A few more difficult-to-find coverages and add-ons are also available, such as better roof replacement, identity theft coverage, and replacement cost plus.

CoverageWhat it coversIncluded or optional?
Brand new belongingsUpgrades your contents coverage to replacement cost so that you can fix any damaged items or replace them with newer onesOptional
Better roof replacementRebuilds your roof with stronger, safer materials after a covered lossOptional
Identity theftProtects personal data from cybercrimes and other risksOptional
Valuables plusAdditional coverage for high-value items like fine art, jewelry and antiquesOptional
Replacement cost plusCovers your home for up to an additional 20% of the dwelling value if it needs to be rebuilt after a lossOptional
Water backupCovers damage caused by water backup through the sewer or drains, or sump pump overflowOptional
Earthquake insuranceCoverage for damage associated with earthquakesOptional, additional deductible applies
Flood insuranceCoverage for damage associated with floodsOptional, separate policy with additional deductible
DwellingCovers physical damage to your home’s structureIncluded
ContentsCovers your personal property, such as furniture, clothing and electronicsIncluded
Personal liabilityCovers bodily injury or property damage that you are liable forIncluded
Medical payments to othersCovers medical expenses for someone who is injured on your property, regardless of faultIncluded
Ordinance or law insuranceCovers upgrades required to bring your home up to current building codes after a covered lossIncluded
Other structuresCovers structures not attached to your house, like a shed, detached garage or barnIncluded
Credit card coverageCovers unauthorized charges to your credit or debit card, forged checks and counterfeit money up to a selected limitIncluded

Nationwide Homeowners Insurance Availability

In addition to Washington, D.C., Nationwide offers house insurance in 43 other states.

    Alabama    Arizona    Arkansas    California
    Colorado    Connecticut    Delaware    District of Columbia
    Georgia    Idaho    Illinois    Indiana
    Iowa    Kansas    Kentucky    Maine
    Maryland    Michigan    Minnesota    Mississippi
    Missouri    Montana    Nebraska    Nevada
    New Hampshire    New York    North Carolina    North Dakota
    Ohio    Oklahoma    Oregon    Pennsylvania
    Rhode Island    South Carolina    South Dakota    Tennessee
    Texas    Utah    Vermont    Virginia
    Washington    West Virginia    Wisconsin    Wyoming

Nationwide Home Insurance Review Update

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